Big Wild Imagination is now offering mobile art workshops that come to you. Workshops are held for three hours allowing children to spend time in small groups really delving into the creative experience. Consider this the best play date going around! 

Steph will come along with every resource required and more! Full of ideas and encouragement to create, explore, play and experiment.

So these school holiday, gather some friends and let's get creating. We’ll spend the start of each workshop getting inspired by having a look at a whole range of inspiring pieces, we sketch out some ideas and get to work. Workshops are a minimum of 4 children up to 6. Ideal for children aged 5 - 12 yrs. Groups can be mixed ages.

To run a workshop at your place, all we need is a space. That could be a backyard, balcony or a room inside. If you plan on us being outside, please have a wet weather alternative. A sink near by would be really helpful. Your space will be left as clean as we found it.

I have tables and chairs that I can bring along if required.

For the three hours you are free to leave us to create, so make sure you utilise the free time. We may need a break in the middle for a snack or a run around to refuel us so we can keep making. 

I have a working with children check WWC0544705E.

If you have a project in mind that is not listed please let me know and I’ll do my best come up with a really fun project. Project ideas are listed below.

Workshops are minimum $160/3hrs with a max. of 4 children. Every extra child is $20 up to a maximum of 6 children. 

A travel fee may occur depending on location beyond Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West.


Here is a list of a few experiences to choose from -

Wall hanger 

Using a canvas as our base for our banner we spend sometime creating a layered artwork full of different materials. We’ll then work to attach it to a frame and add more decorative elements to make this a wall hanger you won’t be able to walk past.


Using a wire frame as the base, we work to turn it into an interesting, sculptural piece full of different elements that can be hung at home. We’ll be using wire, wool, paper, beads, the list goes on!

Cardboard sculpture 

I’ll bring along cardboard of all shapes, sizes and textures. Cardboard is such a versatile resource, we’ll spend sometime exploring different joining techniques so we can create our own sculpture. Once we finish the construction phase, we can get to work on spicing it up with plenty of colour. 

Painting Lab

We spend this workshop exploring paint and its many forms. Experimenting with colours and textures, we'll also create our own paints and spend lots of time colour mixing. We’ll work towards creating a unique canvas painting each for us to keep.


Make and wear. Let’s turn our art into something we can wear. Think capes, crowns/tiaras, bracelets/arm cuffs, necklaces/chains, a mask, shoes, perhaps a costume or avant garde piece. There are plenty of for this one, so let me know and I’ll bring along everything we need to turn your idea into a wearable masterpiece.

Mix and Play  

Play dough making, slime making, some potion making too. This workshop is all about recipes, ingredients, smells and textures. This is all about the learning through doing. Seeing the results of adding different ingredients and processes, what happens when you add too much of one ingredients and not enough of another. This one will get messy!

Wool art

We’ll be twisting, weaving, plaiting and wrapping in this workshop. With a huge range of colours, we’ll be spoilt for choice. We’ll learning some basic techniques, find out how to make a pom pom and then get to work on a project to demonstrate everything we’ve learnt.

Character sculptures

We work through the process of creating a basic character form. Once we understand the process and how to create different shapes we work on our very own characters. We’ll then bring them to life with all sorts of decorative features and accessories.


We will make our own stamps and learn a variety of printing techniques. After spending some time experimenting with all the different techniques we’ll work on using our prints to be incorporated into a project that will make our print pop!

Timber Tinkering

We will be building, building, building during this workshop. Children will build towers, bridges, art museums, parks whatever their imaginations can think of. We will have a selection of timber pieces of all shapes, hammer and nails and glue that we will use to construct our sculpture. Once the sculpture is made the decoration process can begin.