Our Story

 Steph and Ngaire

Steph and Ngaire

We are two early childhood professionals with big, wild imaginations. We love teaching, guiding and providing children with opportunities to play. Our passion lies in creating environments and experiences that ignite interest and fascination in children.

Working with children is a roller coaster; between dealing with toddlers trying to work out what to do with all their new found emotions, to the wild excitement certain situations throw up where the only apparent way to deal with it, is to run around in circles until you fall down, it's safe to say there is never a dull moment! But in between it all is where the magic lies, in the opportunities for experience. A child's innocence about the world and their perspective on our ‘normal day to day’ always makes us appreciate that learning can happen in the simplest of tasks.

We love recognising opportunities, then stepping back and watching children work things out for themselves. We still catch ourselves wanting to step in to ‘help’ a child when we see them finding a task or experience tricky (it's only natural!), but the opportunity to let them work it out for themselves is teaching them valuable problem solving skills, independence and more importantly instilling confidence and the self-worth that they can do it themselves.

The trick with young children is allowing them the time and space (not always easy!!) to test things out for themselves in an environment that is a ‘yes’ space. Where they can freely explore without having to redirect them away from things that might not be age appropriate or safe. It is our aim with Big Wild Imagination to create this space!  A space where they can create, experiment, explore, imagine and be creative.


With over 15 years experience between us, in both home and centre environments, we have developed Big Wild Imagination to allow children the creative freedom to learn through their play. We believe the process of creating, and the ability to do so without inhibition is where the magic lies and also develops the life long skills. 

Steph has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and an Advanced Diploma in Interior Decoration. She has a current Working with Children Check and Senior First Aid (including Asthma and Anaphylaxis training).

Ngaire has a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. She has a current Working with Children Check and Senior First Aid (including Asthma and Anaphylaxis training).