What do I need to bring?

  • A spare set of clothing or dress your child in clothes you don't mind getting messy
  • An interest in engaging and exploring alongside your child
  • An open mind and sense of humour 

What do we provide?

  • Children's apron
  • Permission to get messy
  • Age appropriate experiences and resources 
  • Facilities for clean up
  • Knowledge and experience from two qualified early childhood professionals

How is Big Wild Imagination different?

We value the importance of open ended play, that is, providing children with experiences and resources that have no clear outcome in mind. We leave it up to the child to experiment with materials and be guided by their own imagination. We want to nurture a child's imagination so that they grow up with strong creative abilities.

A significant part of what we provide is sharing knowledge with carers about the importance of creative play, a space where carers can gather to share ideas and experiences and learn from one another. We hope to give you ideas that you can take back to your home environment.

Play is at the heart of creativity. It is being able to conjure up ideas, build upon thoughts, problem solve, imagine and so much more. Creativity is more than being able to draw or paint or sculpt. It is being able to see an object with a hundred uses rather than the one it is intended for. 

Why is creativity so important?

What should I expect from my child?


There are many contributing factors that will mean the experience will be different for every child.

Age: In our experience we have found that our younger participates tend to dart from one experience to another in the beginning of the session before settling in to an experience - this is very normal. We encourage carers to sit down at an experience and begin to get involved with it, and with time your child will come join you.

Personality: Of course every little person has their own personality. Some children  ‘dive in’ into experiences with what appears to be little hesitation while others take their time by first observing and then slowly making their way in. We want every child to feel as comfortable as possible so encourage carers to follow the child's lead.

Who should attend Big Wild Imagination?

Anyone who values the importance of creativity, imagination and play. Our program is created by two qualitified early childhood professionals who recognise the importance of valuing these skills and allowing children the freedom to explore.

What does a session look like?

Every session will be different. For our younger sessions, we begin by explaining the experiences available upon arrival and then you and your child are free to explore. 

For our after school session, the children have afternoon tea upon arrival and when they finish up we group together to run through the afternoon's program. The children are then free to choose an experience to begin with.

How much does a workshop cost?

Morning workshops for children aged 2-5yrs are $20 each. 

After school workshops for children aged 5-12yrs are $25 each. 

Workshops can be booked on a causal basis or you can secure your spot for the term. 

We also provide a sibling discount that can be added at checkout if you are booking two or more of your children in. Code bwi10


What happens if I have a sibling?

We kindly ask that siblings do not attend unless enrolled. Of course babies in capsules, prams or carriers are welcomed. 

What happens if I miss a class?

We understand how unpredictable children can be. Unfortunately we do not offer make up sessions but if you know in advance that you will be unable to attend we will do our best to negotiate an alternative that work for you.

Can my child eat during the session?

To get the most out of the time you have with us, we advise that your child eats before or after the session. Of course if this is unavoidable we have an outdoor space where your child can eat. Please keep in mind for the safety of all children and carers that food does not contain nuts.

Where do I sign up?

Follow the link through, to book your spot.