Stickers (Part 2)

More fun experiences for you to try with the simplest of art resources - stickers! Our first lot of sticker ideas can be found here: Stickers (Part 1)

Find a sticker

Using a variety of different coloured,, shaped and sized stickers, cover a sheet of paper with them randomly over the page. Hand over to your child and begin a game of ‘find a sticker’ by prompting them with directional language. For example its colour, size, shape, it’s near…, on top of … .

What you will need? Stickers (lots!), paper and maybe a plastic sleeve or folder to save for another time.

Sticker me, sticker you

Looking for a fun activity that is sure to gets lots of laughs with younger children? Using stickers on each other is a really fun way of exploring directional language, gross motor ability and body exploration. For younger children, start off with one or two stickers. Ask them to close their eyes, then place the stickers on their body - maybe one on their foot and the back side of their hand? Watch as they attempt to find them and peel them off. Reverse the play and encourage them to place two on you while you close your eyes. Get more and more creative with your placement and directional language. For older children use stickers on their bodies as a character prompt that transforms them into someone new. 

What you will need?  Just stickers 

Sticker obstacle course 

Are your kids jumping on and off the couch? Give them a harder obstacle course that requires them to think a little harder. As them to leave the room and place different coloured stickers around the room for them to find. Direct them from one sticker to the next using different actions, for example, ‘Crawl from the blue sticker to the green sticker’. Half the fun will be trying to find them all and then following the directions. For older children, they’ll quickly grasp the idea and maybe start creating their own obstacle course among themselves. You’re free!

What you will need? Lounge room, cushions, chairs, stickers.