What is art play?

Art play is open-ended expression of creativity with sensory play. Sometimes referred to

as “process art”, art play is about the journey of creation, discovery and expression of an

idea. Art play is about doing art, not making an artwork.

Our art play sessions give you the time and space to build on your creative skills while

we guide you through the creation of an idea. It’s an exploration of your imagination,

through a considered collection of materials and textures designed to awaken your


Why is creativity so important?

Play is at the heart of creativity. It is the ability to conjure up ideas, build upon thoughts,

problem solve, imagine and so much more. Creativity is more than being able to draw or

paint or sculpt. It is being able to see an object with a hundred uses beyond the one for

which it is intended.

What does my child need to bring?

  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting messy

  • Lunch and snacks for full-day School Holiday workshops

  • Drink Bottle 

  • An interest in engaging and exploring 

  • An open mind and a sense of humour 

What do you provide?

  • Permission to get creative and explore your imagination!

  • Art apron

  • Age-appropriate experiences 

  • Amazing resources and materials

  • Knowledge and experience from two qualified early childhood educators

How is Big Wild Imagination different to other art workshops?

We value the importance of open ended play. That means we provide children with

experiences and resources that have no defined outcome. We leave it up to the child to

experiment with the materials and be guided by their own imagination. Our aim is to

nurture your child’s imagination so that they grow up with strong creative abilities.

Who runs Big Wild Imagination?

Ngaire and Steph are the artistes behind Big Wild Imagination. We are obsessed with

the benefits of art play for children – and adults – and draw on our combined 20 years of

experience and qualifications in early childhood education to design each session. Read

more about us on our About page