Exploratorium is our new monthly Art Play night happening on the last Friday of every month (term time) at Whoosh Club in Neutral Bay. Every month we will be exploring a new concept.

Our first night will be all about TINKERING! So to kick it off, we thought we would give you an insight into Tinkering and why we think it is so important. If you’re already in, click here to book your spot

Tinkering is thinking with your hands and learning through doing. It’s a fun yet serious endeavour that fosters connections between Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM education) through open-ended, creative experiences.

For our first tinker night we’ll be using a mix of loose parts, real tools, hardware items and reverse engineering some common household items by taking things apart. This allows the children to get curious about the mechanics of everyday stuff and by investigating different tools and materials they can explore the questions that interest them.

Give the kids a box of parts and you'll often find them building and inventing something cool. Or, do the opposite and let them take something apart to examine its inner workings. Give your kids some tinkering tools and ideas that will lead to hours of exploratory fun. You just might be surprised at what your little engineer will design and how they grow as learners and problem solvers.

Tinkering builds on a whole range of other skills too like fine motor development which involves the coordination of small muscles in fingers and hands. Strong fine motors skills are necessary for writing, cutting, using utensils, and tying shoe laces. Without these acquired fine motor skills, children may find difficulty in performing simple tasks.

As a common thread throughout our workshops we build a community of learners. Learners who build relationships with each other by creating together, in an environment where experimentation, exploring and creating are encouraged, mistakes are made and learned from and everyone is supported.

We would love to see your child there. Go enjoy a nice dinner while your little one tinkers away.

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